Sometimes, knowledge and education can help us if purchasing a new home is on your mind.  It is a fact that interest rates go up and down, and credit and past history factors also come into play, but what if there was a loan product that you actually qualified for to purchase a home? Your best friend is education.  Please learn and educate yourselves on the latest loan products available...maybe you are closer then you think to purchasing a home.  With rental/lease rates continuing to climb, why not consider purchasing your own home, before interest rates get too high?  They are still relatively low at this time.  The choice is yours...maybe you are closer to your dream of  "Home Sweet Home"....ownership!  

Here is one of the many loan products in Arizona available on the market:


Home in Five Advantage 

Mortgage Origination Program 

The Industrial Development Authority of the County of Maricopa and The Industrial Development Authority of the City of Phoenix, Arizona have joined together to help homebuyers obtain FHA, VA, or USDA-RD loan financing to purchase a home anywhere in Maricopa County, including the city of Phoenix. Through the Home in Five Advantage program, individuals or families who qualify would be able to obtain a 30-year fixed rate loan, with a non-repayable 3-4% down payment/closing cost assistance grant, with special incentives for qualified United States military personnel. 

Financing for these loans is available on new or existing homes, condominiums, townhouses or manufactured homes on a first-come, first-served basis, only through the Participating Lenders listed below. 

Homebuyer Eligibility 


  1. Buyers must have a minimum FICO credit score of 640 and maximum 45 debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.
  2. Standard loan guidelines exist for qualification (i.e., adequate income, acceptable credit, and down payment requirement).
  3. All buyers must attend a homebuyer education course and obtain a certificate of completion, and receive a home inspection.
    Program Eligibility
  4. Homebuyers may purchase a home anywhere in Maricopa County, including in the city of Phoenix.
  5. Income Limits for Eligible Borrowers
    Maximum credit qualifying income may not exceed $88,340 for ALL borrowers. Purchase Price Limit
  6. Maximum purchase price limit of $300,000

 For more information on loan products, contact your local lender, or call us for a referral to a lender.  We work together with your lender, to help structure the offer on your new home!

We want to hand you the keys to your front door!!!!!  Let us help you find your way home.....